Saturday, August 31, 2013

What a life!

Oh, dear readers, how much has changed since I last popped in here.

On my vacation I had a great deal of time to think about work, life, the meaning of all of it.

And I've made some very big changes.

My last day on the job was yesterday.  I have a month's severance - generous of my boss - and her blessing to go out in the world and do what I must do.  I have been hitting my network hard - it turns out that I know a lot of people in the non-profit world, and that they are welcoming me with open arms.  I'm looking for a position in development, and I am assured by those who know the field locally that I will meet with success sooner rather than later.

It is a leap of faith.  After a month, I will panic due to the realities of finance, but I am determined to do this.

I am committed to changing the world.  I am committed to doing work that lights my soul on fire, and I am certain as to this path.  My resume doesn't contain nonprofit development....but it's what I've done for years on the side, and I'm ready to make it my life's work.  (Or part of my life's work, for I have many sides!  Mothering, writing, etc. all hold dear places in my heart.)

I've picked up some consulting, I have lunch meetings scheduled (and completed), and I am filled with optimism.


I've been on a few new first dates that are worth mentioning here, too.  Date #1: a slooooooooow talker.  I talk a million miles a minute, and a slow talker is a comically bad fit for me.  Nice guy, very accomplished, very kind....and really, really, really not the guy for me.  He asked for another date and was very flattering, and I thought that really he must be clueless (sweet, but clueless) because wow was it a bad fit.  Date #2: stop touching me!  This guy invaded my space bubble more times than I can count: squeezing my hand, touching my knee, even once touching my face (as I leaned back in amused horror).  He was also shorter and more plump than his photos (which included him after completing an Ironman - and he had changed so much that I didn't recognize him when I walked in the room).  And Date #3: yesterday, and I haven't figured him out yet.  Attractive, good conversationalist....but no sparks.  He didn't give signs to me, either, and I have no idea if he will contact me again.  I think if he did I would go out with him again because of my own uncertainty - I mean, usually I think "NO!" and so thinking "Maybe?" is actually a vast improvement.  But if he doesn't contact me again I won't worry a bit, because it would be lovely to have some sparks.


I'm getting some enforced down time today - my girl has a stomach bug and so we're home instead of at a cabin for the weekend.  It's actually nice to catch my breath.

Happy Labor Day!

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