Monday, September 9, 2013

People are crazy.

On Friday night I had a date.

We had dinner - I broke my rule! - and went for a walk along the waterfront.  It was pleasant.  I felt no expectations, and therefore no pressure.  He was articulate and intelligent, and so that made the conversation easy.

At one point on our walk, we found ourselves on a pier over the water, enjoying the moonlit view.  I had a moment of panic - oh dear God, I'd put myself in perfect kissing position.  Now, we all know that I'm not a prude and that a giant make-out session on a deserted pier with a beautiful view and the sound of the waves lapping under us could be very, very interesting with the right person...but clearly this was not the right person, because I had a momentary panic until I pertly said, "I think we should get back, don't you?  Let's turn around now," and didn't give him a chance to agree or disagree, merely turning and walking back.

Still, despite the clear lack of chemistry, I thought that maybe, just maybe, I'd go out with him one more time.  Maybe chemistry takes a while?  Maybe since I am the world's pickiest dater and don't appear to like ANYONE, I should give him a chance?

He helped me to make up my mind.  In the morning, there was a text message waiting for me.  We had discussed our mutual enjoyment of backpacking, and the text invited Katherine and I to go backpacking with him and his two children the next weekend.  A weekend in the mountains with our kids.

Are you kidding me?!  We had a three hour date (in hindsight, two hours too long) and now you want to introduce our kids and spend an entire weekend together in the woods?!

I should learn to listen to my instincts.  If I don't like him, I don't like him, and it doesn't matter how smart he is, or how attractive, or how anything.  And this guy is clearly ready to grab the first thing that comes his way - I can't believe he'd want to include our children, I can't believe he'd want to commit to that much time together, I can't believe he'd want to level jump so quickly.  I mean, I'm spectacular and all that (ha!) but he doesn't even know me!  Talk about a big red flag - a whole series of them, actually.

I was able to send him a short and hopefully very nice note that said, "Sorry, but I just don't think the chemistry is there.  I wish you all the best..." etc.

I really do wonder if I should just drop this internet dating thing.  How many first dates can one woman have?!  But I keep going back, because you just never know.  I think I might have accepted another coffee date for later this week....yes, I did.  What was I thinking?!

Now, back to work.  My to-do list is as long as my arm...still.  And no sign of shrinking.  Happy Monday, everyone!

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