Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Five Day Plan

Things are getting interesting.

Two companies are courting me for similar job descriptions - the job description that I most wanted, the one I thought was out of reach.  And these are world class employers, and I don't have a single connection to them....I applied cold over the internet.

Oh dear God thank you.  Thank you.

I feel validated.

It is not easy to be in my mid-forties and switching careers.  There is so much at stake, but I believe in my heart and soul that I am meant to be on this path.  That doesn't mean it's not scary, though.  It's terrifying.  My meager savings (I've been divorced less than a year for goodness' sake - and we all know I came out of my divorce with no money!) is almost gone, and unemployment is small, and if I don't figure it out soon I will be in a lot of trouble.


My resume is getting attention from good people.

Executive and director level folks that I know in the field are telling me that I've got what it takes, that I'm a great candidate.  But some little voice inside me said, "maybe they're just being nice?" and I worried that despite their great feedback, encouragement, and support maybe I didn't have it.

But the interest I'm receiving makes me feel like I HAVE GOT IT.

I've made it through the resume screen and the initial interviews, and next up (Friday, and then Tuesday) are the panel interviews.

One of these jobs really, really, really makes my soul sing.  It makes me shaky to think of it, actually, because it's so damn exciting.  It's work I believe in, work that I know I could do well.  Work that changes the world, that is meaningful to me.  It's for a great organization, and combines many of my experiences and talents.  I'd work with amazing people.  And I'd be at a great organization with good standing, with career potential, with interesting, smart colleagues.  I met the man who could be my boss, and he was sharp and personable and a great communicator, and I know I could learn from him.

And then he emailed me the benefits package, and I nearly started drooling.  The benefits are simply extraordinary - rock solid.

Is it strange to covet a retirement plan?

I know it's not strange to covet good medical.  And the vacation/sick/personal/holiday leave.....oh my gosh it's almost European.

There was another job I wanted, one that was related to cancer, and now I think I want this one even more.  Cancer takes it out of me - when people hear my story, they want to know who my doctors were, they want me to give them the magic that kept me alive, and it's so hard for me to do that without going back to those dark places.

But this - it's got spirit, it's got life, it's got something powerful in it.


I will try to give both places my all.  I will try to get two offers, and accept the one that best suits me.  I will do my best.

I know I could lose them both.  For the job I want the most, I am one of four, or possibly five, final candidates.  I know that I connected, but others may have connected, too.

Over the next few days, I will have to get my head into a very, very, very good place.  I will have to be as sharp and clear as I've ever been.

Please send love and prayers.

I am ready to change the world, and if this is my path, I would feel so incredibly blessed to take it.

Dear God - please?  Pretty please?


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