Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I try to imagine my life next week.

Will I be posting on Facebook some perky but resigned message like, "Getting closer!  The last job interviews didn't yield the job of my dreams, but I am convinced I'm on the right path.  Looking ahead for the next opportunities - wish me luck!  So grateful that I'm a finalist, that good organizations recognize that I am a contender."

or will I be posting, "Yippeeee!  I begin work at __________ next week, and I'm so excited to light the world on fire!  Thanks, everyone, for supporting me through my career transition.  Can't wait to dig in!"

or will I simply crawl into my bed and shake, unable to say a single word to anyone?

I can't imagine any of it right now.  I fear that the third option is the real one.  It's the one filled with self doubt, fear, anxiety, sleeplessness.

I have consulting work I'm behind on (it's only a few hours a week, deadly dull, and I haven't caught up).  But right now I'm going to go for a run and try to shake my malaise, because I feel so stuckstuckstuck I can't stand it.  I "know" I'm not stuck - hey, I just did multiple rounds of interviews, and I *am* a contender - but I can't shake the feeling.  My reserves are getting lower, in many categories.

Maybe if I go for a run, I'll shake the feeling, get the Wonder Woman feelings back, fill with optimism and a can-do attitude.  I'll come back from the run and do the consulting work, dash to the grocery store, take care of business.

Good wishes still welcome.

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