Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Two interviews last Monday.
One interview Tuesday.
One interview Friday.
One interview today.

I am a finalist for two positions, and whatever will be will be - all those interviews are for the two positions, and whatever is done is done.

On Friday I was flying high, feeling like I'd given a great interview.  But last night I barely slept, and at 4am I was wide awake, fretting.

I gave it my all today.

I think I may have come off like an over-enthused puppy.  Or a braggart - look at me, look at me, I'm awesome, look at me!  I fear I may have annoyed MYSELF let alone the two people interviewing me.

And now I want to crawl into a hole - okay, bed would suffice - and hibernate until this is over.

Please wake me up when there is a fantastic job offer, okay?  Otherwise, please just let me whimper for a while.

That really took it out of me.

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